We are a facilities-based, global communication solutions provider.

Our patented, proprietary technology uses widely available Internet access to control, enable, and manage voice communications over the public switched telecommunication network (“PSTN”).

We are a product development, marketing, sales, sub-licensing, customer service and billing organization for patented, packet-based Internet telephony software applications that control, manage and enable global telecommunications services.

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  • The best routes
  • Accurate bills and timely payments
  • High quality and exclusive voice and SMS service
  • Profitable tariffs
  • Connection to the largest global operators
  • We offer dial-up and Broadband VolP Phone products with an ever-expanding variety of calling features
  • Constant R&D
  • Superior customer support
  • Own billing systems that can be tailored to meet the pace of dynamic VolP market
OUR services

VOIP Wholesale

We offer wholesale telephony services using conventional circuit-switched and IP telephony to directly connect our customers to local markets.

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VOIP Billing

ARBS is automatic system for VolP services. ARBS VolP is owl Billing system that has all the features you need to rapidly run Voice over IP business.

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SMS Wholesale

Short Message Service, or SMS is a secure and personal communication method reaching people globally via any mobile technology, be it 2G, 3G or 4G enabled mobile devices.

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Rovex Telecom is one of the best VolP business providers. We provide corporate VolP for multinational companies and VolP services for business such as call centers, call shops, hotels and so on.

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