Rovex Telecom is one of the best VoIP business providers. You can find our VoIP for business offer at this page.We provide corporate VoIP for multinational companies and VoIP services for business such as call centers, call shops, hotels and so on. Rovex Telecom is pleased to cooperate with your company if you are looking for best business VoIP service.

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Please make sure the company name is correct as the invoice will be issued using this name.
Please make sure the e-mail address is correct as the invoice will be sent there.
Please note that you should cover all the bank charges.
IP to IP connect (SIP or H.323) allows you to make more than 1 call simultaneously.
SIP registration opens 1 phone line for you. You can make no more than one call at a time.
Fill out at least the required fields (with “*” sign). Please fill out the full form in order to make the interconnect process faster.

Step 2.

Receive an invoice by e-mail and make the payment.
Please note that the minimal payment amount is $1000 (one thousand US Dollars).
If we receive less than $1000 to our account you will be provided with regular end-user account (see here)

Step 3.

After the payment is received, we will contact you with settings information.

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