VoIP Billing

Automated ROVEX Billing SYSTEM (ARBS)

ARBS is automatic system for VoIP services. ARBS VoIP is a Billing system that has all the features you need to rapidly run Voice over IP business.

ARBS VoIP Billig Functionalities

VoIP wholesale (termination) and traffic exchange features:

  1. Accounting and authorization by IP address.
  2. Prepaid/Postpaid. Different times zones, Credit Limit.
  3. Building tariffs with different interval rule, week rule, routing rule. Price history. Automated price changing.
  4. Rate Mode module. Group price operations, Rate notifications mailing, Client/Vendor interface.
  5. Multi currency. Currency history.
  6. Different invoice and payment period for one Customer with one tariff plan.
  7. CDR reprocessing. Reports.
  8. Online CDR reports, Fast Summary reports. Report Builder.
  9. Financial system. Automated invoice generation and invoice mailing. Payment, Bank accounts, Accounting report.
  10. Industrial dynamic routing (IDR). Different IDR type (include LCR routing) for the best customer services.
  11. Profitability Margin.
  12. Settings of transport price depend on interconnection point and “minimal profit” in dynamic routing.
  13. Automated blocked of problematic destinations (optionally for every record in price plan).
  14. Automated generation and sending routing alert to Provider of problematic destinations (optionally for every record in price plan).
  15. Cards platform features.
  16. Accounting and authorization RAS clients by login and password (SIP, H323 gateways, SIP, H323 PC-to-Phone).
  17. DID number for RAS clients.
  18. Online statistics for every RAS clients.
  19. IVR authorization (tested MGCP, Mera System).
  20. Distributor program.

ARBS VoIP Billing is deployed by operators of all sizes looking to roll out differentiated Voice over IP services. Some of Rovex customers are running 50 million monthly minutes and some with only 500,000 monthly minutes. Carrier’s customers select Rovex for VoIP billing because of our reputation for reliability, high availability, sub millisecond response time, and high calls per second capacity. Start-up customers choose Rovex for VoIP billing mainly because of our straight forward pricing, long term scalability and reliability, and feature richness.
ARBS VoIP Billing is tightly integrated with popular gateways, gatekeepers, proxies and soft switches from vendors like Quintum, Cisco, Sylantro, Veraz, Nextone, IPtel, Mera, and other compliant devices.
Rovex ARBS VoIP billing use free RADIUS server for authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) for real time VoIP billing, as well as SIP based interface for integration and prepaid call control with market leading soft switches and SIP proxy server.
Rovex created ARBS VoIP Billing with carrier grade customers in mind. Written in multi threaded cross platform C++ code, Rovex products are 100% owned by Rovex.

Rovex VoIP billing runs on your servers on the UNIX operating system or it can be deployed as an on-demand service, hosted and managed 24×7 by Rovex engineers.

For more information contact:

Tel: +1-206-826-6-988
Email: arbs@rovex-t.com

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